Do your cots meet the Australian and New Zealand safety standards?

Absolutely. As parents ourselves, we've made safety our number one priority and all ubabub cots have passed the very stringent mandatory Australian and New Zealand safety standards.

Our cots are independently tested by a leading global testing laboratory in accordance with safety standard AS/NZS 2172:2003 (cots for household use).

One of the main reasons our cots are designed with innovative clear sides is to reduce 
the chance of little arms or legs getting caught up in traditional cot bars.

Do ubabub clear cots allow for airflow?

Yes – our products comply with the relevant safety standard and we did extensive 
research to ensure a good flow of air in and out of the cots, and within the cots themselves.

Our very initial design phase involved the expertise of an aeronautical engineer to gain 
a better understanding of airflow.

As a result, we did a number of things, including:

• making the internal dimensions of our cots generous – as the larger the cot, the more 
air will enter it and circulate around the baby. The Pod is 1370mm x 660mm and the Nifty is 1300mm x 690mm. This allows ample room (around the baby) for air to circulate within the cot.

• adding a collection of carefully designed laser-cut holes in the perspex sides to allow air to move in and out of the cot. Combined with the air traveling up and down the sides of the cot, these specially designed holes help ensure a constant airflow.



Are the cots available with drop-sides?

No – ubabub cots are designed without wheels and drop-side mechanisms to minimise the height from the top of the cot to the floor. This is consistent with our philosophy of designing our products to reduce potential hazards.

Are your cots SIDs safe?

The SIDS and Kids organisation does not offer product accreditation; instead it provides information and a methodology on safe sleeping. All ubabub cots meet the two specific requirements set out by SIDS and Kids that:

• your cot should meet Australian Standard (AS2172)

• the mattress should be firm and the right size for the cot

Please visit the following website to get further information.

What is the best age to lower the mattress base from the upper position?

There is no set age, as all children grow and develop at different rates. Most importantly, 
as soon as your baby can sit up on their own, you should lower the mattress base to the 
lowest position.

Are your products eco-friendly?

Ubabub products have been made using solid materials and quality construction, to ensure longevity. The cots have been designed to grow with your child, converting into their first bed, extending the product's useful life.

In developing the range of products, we set out not only to use plantation timbers and non-toxic finishes, but also to look at the products' end-of-life strategy.

The Pod in particular, has been carefully designed to use a mix of materials that could in some part be recyclable. A large portion of this cot can, through correct recycling, continue on in the form of other products. The metal legs, the white plastic base and the clear acrylic sides are all made from recyclable materials, thus reducing the final burden on landfill.

Is the Mattress included within the price of your cot?

No, a mattress is not included in the price.

However, a premium quality innerspring mattress IS included with the Pod cot.

Is the change table mattress included within the price
of the Nifty Change Table?

No, but we have carefully designed the dimensions of the top of the change table to accept most standard pads available from the leading suppliers. The change table will fit a pad up 
to 500mm x 750mm.

What is the best way to clean and maintain the products?

For spills or general cleaning, use a soft damp cloth and be sure to follow up and dry with another soft clean cloth. Do not use any strong household cleaners and for the best results always wipe in the direction of the wood grain.

What size fitted sheets fit the curved mattress of the POD cot?

Due to the tight curve of the mattress, we have found the use of regular fitted sheets for larger cots to work perfectly well. General fitted sheet size of 135cm x 75cm x 19cm will be suitable.