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Clearly Modern Nursery Furniture

Cots, Change Tables & accessories design to suit your contemporary aesthetic.

Simply Better

Functional + practical, our Booksee acrylic bookshelves are a book storage concept that simply + brilliantly add colour and vibrancy to your child's room.

The Mod

Pushing the boundaries of nursery furniture design.

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Inspired by the clean lines and streamlined shapes of mid-century design, our Ubabub Nifty Nursery Furniture Collection brings a mid century modern aesthetic to your baby's room.
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Pod is a cosy cocoon-shaped cot with smooth, rounded edges for a distinct modern look. Innovative clear acrylic sides with star-shaped cut-outs allow for an unimpeded view of bubs for parents, making checking on baby simple. Plus, it's simple to assemble, clean and maintain. As your baby gets older, Pod converts easily to a junior bed.

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Make a statement with our latest mid-century inspired Mod Nursery Furniture Collection. Sleek, modern and durable, this newly launched range by Ubabub continues to push the boundaries of nursery furniture design. Crafted from bent and welded metal rod construction, the geometric design detail adds to it’s unique appeal. 

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Zoe Foster Blake

I love my kid’s bedroom. He does too. And he’d bloody want to, I put a lot of work into it!! We had some good bones to start with: lovely new carpet, a great size room, my beloved Ubabub Pod Cot and Booksees and a few bits and pieces… It’s very similar to my room as a young child, except for the two other siblings, bunk bed, bubble gum stuck on the bedheads, several headless Barbies, and a wall full of Bros and Bon Jovi posters care of my big sister.

Zoe Foster Blake


Beautiful, original design. We always get lots of comments when people see my son’s cot. Other baby products just seem to be same same. This cot suits the style throughout our house. The unique, modern design. I like to support great products. Ubabub products are beautiful and excellent in quality. It’s so nice to have something a bit different.



I’m a design lover and was immediately drawn to your Ubabub nursery products because they were so different. The modern aesthetic is right up my alley. Couldn’t be happier with our Mod Cot.


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